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Kelvin C. Horne is considered by his clientele and peers to be one of the finest bespoke tailors. Kelvin has devoted many years to refining his craft. The fine bespoke clothing created by Christopher’s Pinpoint bears the hallmark of his expertise. As a client of Christopher’s Pinpoint Bespoke you will join a sophisticated set of men who appreciate the quiet confidence of impeccable tailoring.


Learn the difference between bespoke, custom, made to measure and off the rack. Do not be fooled, know how to differentiate between top quality fabrics and understand what dictates a quality fit. Feel confident in communicating your expectations.Keep in mind that our goal is to give you the best fit based on your body type.
This is the most crucial step in the process of your bespoke experience. With over two decades of experience are at your disposal when your body is measured for your garments. Nuisances of your body are taken into consideration in this process.
Select the style that accentuates the best you and projects the image you’ve always aspired. Fabric selection- over 10,000 high quality choices in stock. Buttons/stitching and custom details help distinguish your garment from all the rest.
Bespoke tailors don’t just craft garments; they craft YOUR vision of yourself and create a wearable piece of art that represents you in your best light. The bespoke process requires a level of customization and face-to-face interaction not required by any other clothing making process..

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Christopher’s Pinpoints will help you determine the shirts you need in order to build your complete look for work, leisure, or romance. You will have the perfect look no matter the occasion

Perfect Fit: One size does not fit all. Numerous problems occur with off-the-rack shirts, which begin to show once you start wearing it. Off-the-rack shirts can be especially uncomfortable because it is made to fit someone else’s measurements — it frankly does not fit.Ideal

Color: Color is as important to a shirt as its fit is. Our Bespoke shirts not only complement the colors of your suit, it also complements your skin tone. A custom-made shirt from Christopher’s Pinpoint will give you just the right shade and hue to cover both of these points. The Details: With bespoke tailoring, you get to choose custom clothing with details that showcase your own sense of style and personality.

A Christopher’s Pinpoint Bespoke Designer Cloth suit may cost more than what a suit costs at a regular store or tailor, but then again, we’re not a regular store or tailor. Nothing compares to the experience of creating a quality garment that is tailored specifically for you, your body, and your life.

All this time and money is invested in a suit that will last you a lifetime. Not only will the craftsmanship of the garment stand the test of time, but extra material in the suit’s lining allows for adjustments if your body changes with time. You will enjoy your Garrison bespoke suit for years to come.

The bespoke classic suit is a fine scotch served neat — its slim, tall, and sharp silhouette is simple but doesn’t disappoint. The classic is a staple in every man’s closet, yet is often overlooked for its commonality. It’s an ideal suit for experimenting because it can fit with any occasion. For example, the classic suit can be worn on regular rotation when paired with colored shirts and playful cufflinks.

Your choice of socks can also keep it from looking too formal simply by adding bright colors, polka dots, or patterns. It’s perfect for that upcoming formal or wedding, offering you a slim, tall and sharp silhouette. You can style the suit with an eggshell white shirt and a bow tie for any black tie occasion. A classic that will always stay a classic.

Like many clients at Christopher’s Pinpoints who produce only the best custom suits, you live a busy lifestyle and need to have a complete wardrobe that is ready for any occasion. From dressing for a boardroom meeting to winding down at an outdoor patio on a casual Sunday afternoon, we’ve designed suits to make sure that you leave the right mark wherever you go. No matter your style, we are certain that there will be a look that is right for you.

Explore our gallery to find out more, or, book a complimentary style consultation and we can help you decide which look is most appropriate for your wardrobe and lifestyle. Each of our menswear stylists are experts in their own areas; they will make sure you look the best in yours. Contact us to book your consultation.